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it was fun at first then when i died it did some crazy ass shit XD lmao its just shaking all over the place and making really bad noises "OW MY EARS!"

I can see you are trying but what the others said there is some thing fishy going on with the in game play and the end / win/ die titles. They really do not match. I think you may have bought an asset pack off line and used it or got some free stuff off the internet and used it or stole the art XD witch I hope you bought or used royalty free stuff because people work really hard on there art and animation and I should know since I make my own :D But good job so far the game runs smooth and works fine I would recommend making your own art and animation along with maybe some death effects like blood splatter for example or a shine in the eyes when shooting laser.

Lol U might want to consider doing your own art work or asking some one to help you with your art work :D If you wish I can help you with this game just give me a DM some time.
I have created quite a few games and all the art is mine and animation.

looks like a good Idea but there is nothing to do ? but move units? You can also select enemy player and move them lol

DevelopingCrazyness responds:

I checked and you can't move enemy units but now I can see you can get them mixed up. But I was thinking of adding the ability to shoot like missiles as a ability.

I like the concept of what you have here.

Thanks guys for all your support on our games and all of your Amazing feed back. We will def continue to work together to make more games and continue to get better as we progress and we hope to see more of your support and feed back as we continue :D Thanks again.

GSquadron responds:

Thanks for your rating man. xD

I like the music,good call man.

GSquadron responds:

Thank you!

Great job my friend lets keep up the good work.

GSquadron responds:

Yeah, you too! :)

my tile sets in use :D

Only problem I had with it was it is really hard to tell whats going on.

lightning-bug responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I was worried that might be a problem. What kind of stuff in particular do you think needs to made clearer?

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