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When he was covered in blood he reminded me of the Dr. from borderlands XD

great episode.

Nice job :D Really liked it.

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it was fun at first then when i died it did some crazy ass shit XD lmao its just shaking all over the place and making really bad noises "OW MY EARS!"

I can see you are trying but what the others said there is some thing fishy going on with the in game play and the end / win/ die titles. They really do not match. I think you may have bought an asset pack off line and used it or got some free stuff off the internet and used it or stole the art XD witch I hope you bought or used royalty free stuff because people work really hard on there art and animation and I should know since I make my own :D But good job so far the game runs smooth and works fine I would recommend making your own art and animation along with maybe some death effects like blood splatter for example or a shine in the eyes when shooting laser.

Lol U might want to consider doing your own art work or asking some one to help you with your art work :D If you wish I can help you with this game just give me a DM some time.
I have created quite a few games and all the art is mine and animation.

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Nice dont like the middle so much tho

TsetsukenMusic responds:

Thank you! It was something I was experimenting with. I need to work more with implementing bass, that's why I created this as an attempt to practice. I need better headphones because the ones I had broke. Will have to get new ones soon so I can hear the sounds clearer and push out better content!

Nice I like the soothing sens that this puts off :D

TsetsukenMusic responds:

This one actually didn't take all to much to make. Something that I did new was having a filter on the master track, so it cut a lot of high ends on things during some parts.

Nice I like the whole thing :D

TsetsukenMusic responds:

I'm glad you liked it!!

I might not get to the loop tonight, if not tomorrow then for sure over the weekend

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XD Feel the same but even more disliking this with the name. Maybe its the colors clashing with cool and hot

TsetsukenMusic responds:

I changed the alt to not have my logo in it, still kind of a rough draft for the cover

Ehh not a fan of this one for some reason :/

TsetsukenMusic responds:

I have an Alt Alt lol, without my name in the picture. Going to switch this one with it right now.

Like the wizard guy.

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